We love restoring jewellery, especially vintage items to their former glory. Stories of how relatives have worn a necklace for their wedding and now a granddaughter was wanting to wear the family heirloom just warms the cockles of your heart. 

It didn't take long before word spread of the quality of our work and requests for us to repair vintage delights started coming through the door.

Costs for these services start from the prices listed below:

Pearl Knotting - £25 per 16 inch strand

Restringing - necklaces £15 per strand / bracelets £12 per strand

Earrings - £8 for repair and up to £15 for clip on conversions

Commissions are £12.50 plus materials with gift sets ranging from £20-£40.

Pearl Knotting
Repairing Vintage Jewellery