Working with Elders

Standard Jewellery Making Sessions

You are never too old to discover the delights of jewellery making! 

At Rosewill Cottage we pride ourselves with including everyone in our jewellery making sessions regardless of their ability.

This down to earth attitude proved to be a huge success with the elders from The Grange Activity Centre and has lead on to partnerships with various community groups.

As we have a lot of requests from care homes, retirement homes, warden-assisted accommodation, etc we thought we should devise some packages that are a little bit more affordable for the elders of our community. 

We are open to other requests and are happy to attend fairs, shopping nights, etc.

Elders from The Grange Activity Centre in Throckley

The elders from The Grange Centre enjoying jewellery making before their tea party. 

Elders love making their own jewellery

We currently run basic jewellery making sessions for elders which work so well regardless of their potential difficulties whether they have a visual or hearing impairment, forgetfulness, mobility issues, dexterity problems or dementia.

What we absolutely love about these sessions is the excitement on their face when they arrive. The enjoyment they express whilst they're busy creating their bracelets. The chat over a cuppa and cake afterwards and the look of gratitude and amazement that they've managed to make a bracelet using tools!

We are happy for two establishments to club together to gain the most out of the costs listed below. This session also works well with the chain maille session for men.

The cost for our sessions are £35 per hour for up to ten people plus £5 travel expenses.

It will be expected that two members of staff will be present a these sessions to help with any personal care which may be require.

Please feel free to contact us via email with your request.