We want to have no room, no room on our party room wall!

Being a crafty bunch or people we have decided to revive the 1960s cultural movement that is Mail Art in a bid to have something innovative and unique for our party room wall. It is a decent size space so there will be room for everyone in our creative participatory exhibition.

Unfortunately we require a few simple house rules.

The theme is "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party"
Your design must be on an envelope or a postcard and mailed to the shop through the postal system
Your design must be suitable for young children's eyes
You must be willing for us to upload a photo of your Mail Art onto our Rosewill Cottage facebook page
You can live anywhere in the world to contribute. It would be nice if you could put your name and country on the envelope somewhere.
You must understand this is to contribute to a participatory art exhibition not a competition
You must be willing for us to keep your design

Rosewill Cottage
148 Tynemouth Rd
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
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United Kingdom