Let me introduce you to my lovely family...

"Rosie Ribbons" who simply wants to be happy and run Mummy's shop. I'm not sure what Sarah-Jane would think of that concept though. I love both of my children to smitherenes. Rosewill is a combination of their two names. The fine young fella in the background is my long suffering husband! Since I set up my shop I've hardly seen them, I work so hard to hopefully provide a better lifestyle for them all and as a thank you I have received a lot of white hair!

Today I received the most amazing support from my lovely staff members, my facebook community as well as lots of shop owners, friends and customers from Park View. I just thought I would post this photo to remind you all who will be the true beneficiaries of my shop's success. 

I feel so lucky to have such a fantastic network of people and wanted to say that all the support I have received from you all which is helping me, to help my children achieve their dreams!  Stef, however, would be happy with a fishing rod and some peace and quiet. Sadly we can't have it all.....

With many heartfelt thanks and well wishes,

Dawn, Stefan, William and Rosie xxxx