49-51 Scrogg Road soon to be demolished

I was four-ish when we moved into the house where my Mum still lives. Across the road was Millbrooke a grand old building which used to be a Dr Banardo's home and a smaller more modest building (No.49) next door. A lady who lived further down the street used to tell my brother and I stories about the children who lived there and how grand the building was. That it used to be a happy place with children's laughter. It's strange that it closed down in 1965 but as a 1978 baby I can still remember children playing in massive front garden.

As a child I loved books, I still do. I would often be caught by my Mum sitting on my window sill asleep with a book on my lap as there was a street light outside the window that was better than any torch in the land. When I reached my daughter's age (9) I started to write my own stories and fantasise about the houses across the road. Who could have lived there in the olden days, what would they have worn, what type of horses would have been outside and what adventures children could have? I mean what if Narnia was in a wardrobe in there somewhere?

As I got older I settled on the idea that an old coal mine owner living there called George with his wife Amelia and several children, but who knows? I think I might have drawn these buildings and the one that used to stand in plot 48 more than the amount of jewellery items that I've made over the past ten years. I'm still a sucker for a lovely building, suppose that's what being a brick-layer's child does to you.

So it seems that Millbrooke is destined to be demolished along with the likes of my primary school and my high school which have both recently bit the dust. The lovely old architecture and heritage of Walkergate will be reduced to rubble. It will be a sad day when the bulldozer arrives and I don't think I will be able to watch by the side of the road, but I thank number 49 and Millbrooke of Scrogg Road for being my muse when I was a youngster. I'm sure going to miss them!