I didn't need persuading to use Paul's PR agency

I’ve been a bit naughty and have written this blog without the other company’s prior knowledge but I wanted to shout out about how fantastic this company has been since I started my adventure that is Rosewill Cottage, in my own words.

Paul with his persuasive team!

When I was approaching open day for Rosewill Cottage, I started to look at PR agencies and quickly got discouraged by their all singing all dancing web pages which highlighted an extensive list of massive brands and companies they currently work with. Why on earth would someone who deals with Nike, the NHS, Port of Tyne, Home Office, J Barbour and Sons, Siemens, and the like; want to hear from me?

Then there are all the buzz words and phrases that you hear from the likes of the candidates of The Apprentice and you don’t want all that flannel and cheese. You just want basic advice, a sound board, do-ers, people who have their ear to the ground and are willing to go the extra mile to tell you about amazing opportunities they’ve come across. You want people who understand what you want and how you can achieve it in the best way. Someone who can develop your inkling of an idea and show can be transformed into something truly amazing!

Then I met Paul Dobbie from Persuasion PR, sure he has a list of equally impressive companies and buzz words on his website too but what I loved about Paul, is his passion, focus and more importantly for me his patience. He is down to earth and has the time of day to listen to what I would like to do, the honesty to tell me I have a crazy idea that won't work and the kindness to point me in the right direction.

I have come accustomed to high customer service standards from Persuasion, which is something I am passionate about delivering at Rosewill Cottage and it is great to find a PR person who has the same outlook as me on this subject. As nurses make lousey patients a PR officer makes a lousy PR client, but I have never had a reason to grumble at all. They have helped me access the regional press with great success, they've monitored my PR activity in the press as well as online and more importantly they have kept well within my budget and it's nice to have no nasty surprises when a bill comes through the door.

You too can find out how Persuasion PR can help grow your company and help spread the word about what you are all about, no matter how small or large - brand spanking new or well established, your business may be. There is no charge for an initial scoping out meeting where you can tell them what your company needs and they can show you how you can achieve this. You don’t have to have a massive budget as I certainly don’t! All you have to do is pick up the phone and call them on 0845 071 0678 or email Paul directly.

Persuasion PR can offer you anything from planning a massive PR campaign, tester campaigns, media training for when you’re asked to speak at schools or on the radio, event management, crisis management (let’s face it, we all have had those!) and more importantly they monitor your PR activity and how successful it is and what impact your activities are having on a local, regional and national level.

I’m sure Paul and his team will offer you the first class service that I have experienced myself. It's not often you come across a company who is happy to help out the little fish of the pond. So when you call tell him Dawn from Rosewill Cottage sent you! It will be nice for him to know how much I appreciate Persuasion PR!!