Some of you may know that our lovely Katie is off to trek around the far east, which will be amazing!  Katie is a firm favourite with our youngsters and elders so she will definitely be missed! It's such a fantastic opportunity and we wish her a safe adventure and luckily we will see her back in August or September.

I can't wait to welcome Katie back but she will be embarking on a whole new adventure on the route to becoming a teacher in September so it may be only on a limited basis. This is sad but I'm not dwelling on it because Katie is absolutely perfect for teacherdom! Anyone who has been to one of our children's birthday parties will know this is true.

Another sad goodbye which unfortunately is forever is to Empire Beads. These guys helped me in many ways when I started up my own bead business and decided to open a shop. I'm going to miss Richard's support immensely and I really do wish him all the best for whatever he plans to do next. It's such a shame that the economy is in the state it is at the moment and I hope that there are no more casualties in our UK supply base in the next few years. 

A not so sad goodbye is to our Rent a Square scheme which fitted the purpose at its time of conception, i.e. helped to pay the wages, marketing for the shop and filled my shop with beautiful things, but is now, no longer needed. More news on that to come in the next section!
Huge hellos

Dani is going to help me with our business development particularly online but she will also be in the shop on Fridays to help cover Katie's hours. Dani is a talented model who unfortunately doesn't know a lot about jewellery making but her passion is there and we have plenty of time to fix that. In all fairness, Dani was asked to help out as virtual assistant and because she saw we were struggling to cover shop hours has kindly offered to help me out. I'm truly grateful and hope you all welcome her onboard in the same way you've shown your kindness to myself and the rest of the crew.

We have introduced a brand new shop module to the website which looks amazing and is easier to navigate around.

I'm so excited about our Box Clever scheme, my research with the crafting community over the past few months has shown that hand crafters struggle with the renting concept in a shop environment but they were awesomely receptive and encouraging in the development of our "Box Clever Scheme" which will see people being charged 30% commission on their sales instead of asking people to pay speculatively upfront. This means that if they sell little or nothing they're protected from the bite of a rent renewal. Rent a Sqaure participants will have the choice to stick with it until the end of their rental if they wish but the vast majority of people have indicated they're happy to swap over on Saturday.

I do still stand by the rental types of schemes but for me I don't need the pennies or the crutch anymore. I don't desire the hassle of chasing people to see if they want to renew their square and will use the saved time on inputing their wares onto our online shop. 

However I still crave the variety of beautiful things! Needless to say because of the format restrictions will be tighter for the scheme to make it as fair as possible for everyone concerned. For example we will only have 30 boxes available, we won't have two crafters the same and if a person has no sales in six weeks they will have to supply something totally different or make room for someone else. 
We also are cranking up the pressure on the pop up shops. Pink Box Crafts had an amazing turn out and I'm hoping to repeat this with other people who may feel they would like to open a shop or just be at Rosewill Cottage with items that they don't think will fit size wise into our boxes.

Remember to never stand still and cease the day!