... It turned into a butterfly!

I'm not going to apologise for the lack of blogging over the past few months as I'm sure you will appreciate that it has been a tricky start to the year for Rosewill Cottage but things are on the up!

Just to fill you in on the background I have now left Northumbria University so that I can concentrate on the shop full-time for a while. So in the space of three weeks I have had time to introduce a load of exciting new things!


We have the pleasure of being able to offer tea, coffee and cupcakes to those who would like to stop off for a brew and a sweet bit to eat. Thank you to Lottie McPhee's Speciality Cupcakes for agreeing to supply us with their delicious cupcakes! Red Velvet ones have arrived in the mix today and I can't even begin to tell you how I'm craving one right now but I shall be good and wait until after my lunch!

New stock is arriving on a daily basis now with eight boxes stuffed to the brim with strands of beads, just arriving in the UK this morning which is so exciting! As we need room on our shelves we have a lot of clearance items on offer if you pop into the shop. 

We have already received our crystal clay, KO thread and fireline which are new lines for us and still to come are Soutache supplies and PMC starter kits arriving soon plus much much more! 

We have also announced our workshop calendar for March, April and May where people can learn other crafts including teddybear building, sewing and knitting as well as the jewellery favourites of chainmaille, precious metal clay to name just a few.

So if you haven't been to Rosewill Cottage for a while prepared to be wowed as things have all changed around and we're looking canny good as out!