Announcing our arrival to North Shields!

It's been a busy half term for me this Autumn. I've spent three days posting leaflets through the doors of the houses in North Shields within a decent parameter of the shop. Unfortunately I haven't been able to cover the whole of North Shields but there have been over 4,000 leaflets delivered. 

Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to my daughter Rosie, my son William, Karen from the shop and her daughter Cait who have all helped me leafletting too for a day here and there. We all have had a great time looking at the door knockers people have on their doors including a scotsman, dolphins, lion heads and Rosie's favourite a foxes bottom. We're still laughing at one house in particular which had a lovely welcome sign and then a paper handwritten sign that stated, STOP!! no hawkers (whatever they are), no religious people, no salesman, no junk mail and if I don't know you bugger off! 
It was also amazing to see the array of gates and their locks mechanisms but more importantly the different doors styles and colours, my favourite being a sage/duck egg blue door on a house near Northumberland Park, which is only a two minute walk away from the shop. There are some amazingly creative gardens too if you look hard enough. I must admit it did feel strange walking up to my Nana's door and not being able to waltz in with a key.

I received a new found respect for postmen and ladies, newspaper boys and girls as well as other leafletters because those letterboxes are leathal!! Not to mention the doberman which pole axed the door to scran my paper offering. You would think a person with a dog like that would have a door with a letterbox up high or a box installed on the side of the house. Also whilst we're on the supject of dogs what is the problem with picking up after them? My poor trainers have trailed through two motherloads of the stuff on the first day alone, which Rosie found hilarious!

I have had an oddly lovely time though. The weather has been fair and not cold. It has been fantastic speaking to the locals and they have loved the fact that I've been doing this myself or with my family plus we weren't offering them a leaflet for a takeaway. 

I've seen some of the most amazing houses North Shields has to offer. One of which I let WOW escape my lips as I walked up the driveway, past the speed boat and up to what I would describe as a mansion. I've a new found love for some of the houses at the other side of North Shields which have amazing views looking over the River Tyne. Especially a quirky looking house with a gorgeous walled garden that I would love to make jewellery in. *sigh*

So has it been worth it?

I have got some fantastic feedback from the locals on a few ideas I'd like to trial in the shop, people know we're a family business and that we truly value their support. We're on track for a double record week in the shop. There has been a spike in gift sales especially for our box clever participants. So yes hopefully it was well worth it, but I don't think I'll be in a hurry to do it again anytime soon. My poor bruised hand and my aching muscles which think they've been in a gym all week non-stop won't be looking forward to it either, but it's helped clear my head space and get my thoughts in order, so watch this space folks!