I used to sell a lot of my jewellery from the Rosewill's Charms range at craft fairs but it seems that the craft fair is somewhat struggling in the North East at the moment. 

Customer's give the impression that they want to have extremely cheap items or actually non handmade items at all which is a huge shame giving the amount of talented people out there. So are craft fairs really delivering what customers want?

There seem to be more craft fairs than you can shake a stick in the run up to Christmas but more worryingly is that some organisers feel a jewellery stall ratio of 7/10 or more is fine to have for these events.The best craft fairs to choose are those that have another hook and are well advertised and feel free to ask what the ration of your type of craft is at the fair. 

I attended the Ryhope craft fair recently and did very well. However there was a vintage car rally held plus they were running the steam house which was open to the public to view. I honestly feel this is what had brought people out to the craft fair that Sunday.

The worrying thing is I didn't sell any craft items, most of which were more than reasonably priced as I wanted to clear some of my shop stock. What sold was a massive amount of Velvet Art and children's arty craft sets. Now I do know this is a trifle naughty but you sometimes find that craft fair organisers will allow to bring children's craft items to them as long as you don't just have those items with you.

What was lovely is the fact that we had lovely weather, fantastic company, fabulous scenary and it was free to attend with just a small voluntary donation requested towards the steam house. If it wasn't for my velvet art I wouldn't have been able to give a donation at all but I think 10% of my takings was well worth paying for a most memorable day.

So where is Rosewill Cottage going from here. Personally Ryhope is probably the only craft fair I would do that is outdoors unless I can find similiar types of events to attend. I think I'd prefer to stick with my School Summer and Christmas fairs. It's a great way to showcase our children's jewellery making parties by offering design your own keyrings and bracelets to children. It's a fraction of the price of print advertising and a great way to get the word out there that Rosewill Cottage: The Bead Shop is in Whitley Bay and a fantastic party destination not just for children but adults too!