Gemstone of the Week


We have a massive new order of gemstones coming in over the next couple of days. Snow Quartz will be back in stock as well as this season's must have imitation turquiose.

But I'm extremely excited about our new range of Mookaite.

Mookaite is a multi coloured stone which is part of the jasper family and is actually a fossiliferous sedimentary rock. It is found in red, purple and tan mostly, but some varieties can be white and pink too. Every now and then you might find a black tree like formations called dendrites which make stunning pendants. 

Mookaite is only found in Australia and is mined from Mooka Creek. According to Aboriginal vocabulary "mooka" means running waters and as Mooka Creek has many fresh water springs it's no surprise why this stone received it's name.

The main variations of mookaite are chert, opalite and chalcedony or you can get gemstones which are a combination of all three. The best variaton to use in jewellery is the chalcedonic variety.

Gorgeous Mookaite and Garnet Bracelet available for £40 from Ladidoodles.
Click the pic to go to their website.

It is alleged that mookaite symbolises the bond between mother and daughter. People sometimes use this stone to stabilise health, fortify the immune systems and help with accepting change. It is also believed that this stone can help slow down the aging proces and if this is true, I need a boat load of this in my life!