Gemstone of the Week

Honey Onyx

People normally think of Onyx as being black but you can also find it in brown, white, red, orange and if you're extremely lucky... Honey.

Onyx, in general, is a very popular semiprecious stone. It is a banded variety of Chalcedony Quartz which can be found in Germany, Canada, Urguay, India, South Africa and the United States. Yet onyx seems to have a name of Greek origin.

Brown onyx is normally referred to as Sardonyx and the red stones are called Carnelian Onyx. Black onyx can be dyed or natural and often has white bands through it.

Apparently this gemstone is especially good for those who are under stress and have trouble sleeping. Also it is a gemstone often recommend to business people. Alledgely this gemstone is able to help eliminate negative thoughts whilst protecting the wearer from negative influences.

What is amazing is the amount of bathroom suites carved out of honey onyx that are readily available on the market, yet it is still difficult to source this beautiful stone for jewellery making.

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