Another Fantastic Year!

We just wanted to say a huge big thank you to everyone who has supported us over 2011. Whilst it isn't quite over yet we are very much looking forward to the New Year with lots of changes a foot.

Three stops

1.Looking back at where we have been and worrying about what other people are doing.

2.Doubting the success of our little shop as our customers really do seem to love it.

3.Hoarding all the work and delegate! Thus a new post for a Virtual Assistant (See the about us page)

Three continues

1.Our Rent a Square scheme has been extremely successful. I'm amazed at the talent of the participants and whilst we have benefitted from having a vast array of hand crafted goods in the shop, I'd like to think we have helped a lot of small businesses; in particular young women and mumpreneurs to achieve sales, gain confidence in their products and achieve a bit of online promotion for their small companies.

2.Children's parties - these have been very popular and it's lovely to think we're cultivating talent in the youngsters of North Tyneside.

3.Our work with the local community. Our workshops with the elders of activity centres, brownies, schools, councils and other worth while groups is not only interesting and fun but a rewarding experience for us too.

Three starts

1.We have invested in an internet hotspot this will allow us to start our beginners sessions on selling on the internet successfully, creating websites, how to create and run an engaging facebook page and twitter for the tweetless. Exciting stuff!

2."Handcrafty Beggars" People who are more established will be able to come to Rosewill Cottage for one day to sell their wares and promote their products to our customers in person. Participants will also be encouraged to educate people on how easy it is to start up your own business whether it is making jewellery, candles, bath bombs, cupcakes, sweets and more!

3."A spotlight on...." Specialist bead makers, horologists, silversmiths and more will be welcomed to Rosewill Cottage to sell a specialist line of jewellery making items to our customers.

Knowing me there will be lots more starts over the course of the year. I'd like to think that Rosewill Cottage is innovative and to ensure it is, I have to be too!

Here is to a new exciting year! Watch out on our facebook page and this site for information of our new schemes coming up soon.

All the best for 2012!!

Dawn xx